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Guide To Buying Studio Monitors

Product Review and Shopping

Studio speakers are speakers that are designed for the professional production of audio sound. They are used to capture audio accurately and can be used in radio studios, recording studios, television studios, home studios and filmmaking. If you need to buy some studio monitors for quality audio sound recording purposes what do you look?

Studio Monitors

The kind of monitors availableklzxkakakak

Studio monitors can be classified into two categories. The passive monitors and the active monitors. The passive monitors do not have an inbuilt amp. This means that the user needs to find an external amplifier to use that is compatible with the system and crossover. Meaning one can get any amp that they feel is best suited to do the work.

An active monitor, on the other hand, has an inbuilt amplifier. This is beneficial for the user for they do not have to look for extra equipment to use. They are also surety that the amplifier is compatible with the system.

Consider the power

The power will have a big effect on the recording and the overall sound. With a high wattage, one will be able to hear more detail in the sound transients and will be able to make the adjustments needed to gates, limiters and compressors. Without good power, the recording will have distortion and thus poor quality. While one does not have to get the highest power, but having a good one will ensure that they get the dynamic range and definition they want.

The type of material it is made from

Studio monitors will be made from all manner of materials from aluminum alloys to paper and manufacturers keep on innovating what they use. Materials play a big part in the sound a speaker produces. It is thus important to consider this factor, but it should not be the primary determinant as one purchases a studio speaker.

Frequency range

It is important to confirm that the monitor can handle the full range of frequency that you will be recording. Speakers will have been indicated the lowest frequency to the highest frequency it can handle. The studio monitor speaker should also be able to reproduce the frequency without variation and distortion.


kzskskaakakA variety of features will determine the price of the studio monitor. The power and wattage, frequency range, the material of the speaker will all determine the cost. It is important to determine the features you need, to be able to record the quality of audio sound that you will need to produce.






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