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Alkaline Water Machine Buying Guide: Key Features To Check


Having clean drinking water in your home is very crucial. If you realize that your tap water is acidic, consider buying a water ionizer. The work of this machine is to restore back the pH balance of water. If the pH balance is restored, this helps neutralize acid in your body hence improve your overall health. Below is a comprehensive and well-compiled alkaline water machine buying guide: key features to check.

To asses2wfedrf2edg26ey227u28i292s any alkaline water machine, you first need to understand how they operate. Note that these machines have four main components; plates, filters, pH range and warranty. These are the key features that you should look for before buying any water ionizer. Ensure you read alkaline water machine reviews before purchasing one. The features are discussed below.


Some machines have single filter systems while others have dual ones. Filters help remove water impurities. It is advisable to go for machines with dual filters since they are regarded as superior. You may go for a single-filtered system if your water is relatively pure. Always consider the cost of filter replacement before buying any water ionizer machine.


Different types include solid, mesh, slotted and flat plates. You are advised to go for a machine with either solid or flat plates. This is because they are easy to clean and also long-lasting. The slotted and meshed plates are inexpensive but not durable at all. Always go for a unit with many plates since it is said to be more powerful than the one with fewer plates.

pH Range

A hrfwedtg62wedy72weu282igh-quality machine should be able to offer both acidic and alkaline water. It should also be able to produce a high negative pH value. When choosing a water ionizer machine, check one with the pH range of about 4 to 11.


It is obvious you want a machine that has a good warranty. A lot of companies sell alkaline water machines out there, but most of them do not offer warranties on their products. It is, therefore, advisable to look for a reputable company. Always buy from companies that offer at least five-year warranties on the products they sell. Check to see that the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Do not also forget to check the feedback from past customers before placing your order.

You have to invest your time properly to look for a company that sells high-quality alkaline water machines. Be wary of scam or dishonest dealers who purport to sell these machines online. Consider doing a background research to ensure you are buying from a well-reputed dealer.






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